Botani+ is the first European quality brand for plant-based products

The Botani+ is a brand, easily recognisable with this logo:

Every time you see this logo on a plant-based food supplement, you will know that it has successfully passed a range of phytochemical tests (based on the plants’ constituents).

These tests enable a rigourous selection of the highest quality products, ensuring that they pose no health risks when consumed and that they contain sufficient active ingredients to achieve the claimed effect.

Do you think that a plant-based product is, by definition, natural, harmless and always good for your health?

The reality is more complex.

Consumers today are faced with a large number of plant-based products, of identical appearance and making comparable promises.
However, they are not all equivalent.

With Botani +, join our community of businesses committed to offering the best Natural products!

Calling all ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and producers of plant-based nutraceutical, food and cosmetic products: join us to promote your quality approach!

Today, guaranteeing the efficacy and safe use of plant-based products is a key factor for you and your consumers.