Botani+, guaranteeing quality and safety
through stringent testing.

In all sectors, the range of plant-based products on the market continues to grow and plant ingredients are almost always present in food supplements.

It is becoming more and more difficult to choose between a large number of products making similar health claims.

With the Botani+ logo, the consumer is guaranteed a choice of products whose natural ingredients are both effective and pose no health risks.

Indeed, the Botani+ logo proves that a range of stringent analyses have been performed, using chromatographic methods, on the raw materials of plant origin that comprise the finished product.

To obtain the Botani+ quality label, the materials of plant origin must undergo tests in specialised laboratories.

These tests are done using proven and reliable chromatographic methods.

The phytochemical quality of the plants is tested to provide consumers with safety and efficacy guarantees.

3 key tests are performed:

If just one of these tests is non-compliant, the sample is refused and the Botani+ logo cannot be used.

The stringency of these validation processes serves to raise the quality standards of the nutraceutical market while building consumer trust.


Phytochemical identification makes it possible to guarantee that:


The plant is indeed that claimed on the product label and the right part has been used (leaf, root, etc.)


The plant has not been mixed with other species


The material has not been enhanced with synthetic or natural molecules


The active plant ingredients are present in sufficient quantity to authenticate the species with certainty


Calculating the dosage of the active ingredients in question guarantee that:


The plant has not been overly diluted and its concentration is adequate to ensure the efficacy of the finished product


The dosage of active ingredients is sufficient to provide the physiological effect sought and corresponds to the claims made on the finished product