The majority of ingredients of plant origin are eligible for the Botani+ quality logo: plants in the form of powders or extracts (dry and liquid), essential oils.

No, these ingredients are not on the list of products eligible for the logo.

The lifespan of a finished product or ingredient

Verification that the health claims are respected



By signing the Botani+ quality charter, brands undertake to carry out these checks in accordance with current regulations.

Independent laboratories capable of checking the following points:

  • presence of the right species and the right plant part
  • that there is no (involuntary) confusion or (voluntary) falsification with another plant other than that claimed by the marketer
  • that there is no contamination by another plant
  • that there is no enhancement by an exogenous substance (which is not supposed to be present in the plant)
  • that there is no enhancement by an endogenous substance (of which a certain amount is already present in the plant initially)
  • that there is no dilution of the plant-based ingredient (excessive dilution leading to a lack of efficacy)
  • that the claims made by the marketer concerning the concentration of active ingredients match the actual concentration of the sample.