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Nonna Lab Power

Finally, dietary supplements that are excellent in taste and for your energy.
Take a NONNA CHOC (chocolate pearl) during the day to boost your immunity and vitality.
As effective as a capsule, you will never feel guilty about indulging in chocolate again.

“The slightly tangy taste of acerola is delightful with chocolate. The consumer finally finishes their course with a sense of gustatory pleasure and proof of effectiveness.” – Anne-Laure Vigo; Head Pharmacist


 Acerola (Vitamin C) helps reduce fatigue.

 Selenium supports the functioning of natural defenses.

 Zinc helps protect cells against oxidative stress.

 Echinacea supports the body’s resistance.

 Vitamin D maintains muscle function.

 94.8% of satisfied consumers (Consumer study of September 2023).

 For optimal effects, we recommend a 2-month course (= 2 sachets).