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Vit’all+ SAFRAN Standardized Extract

Saffron Affron®, of organic origin, is cultivated in Europe and extracted in Spain. These stigmas are harvested by hand and dried on-site. The extraction of this saffron is carried out at low temperature with water, following a patented environmentally friendly process.

Backed by 9 clinical studies, the extract of Saffron Affron® contributes to restorative sleep.


Composition for 1 capsule: Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) – red part of the stigmas – Affron® – Standardized Extract in Safranal (2% UV method/0.2% HPLC method) and 3% Crocins – Organic1 – 30mg

1This ingredient comes from Organic Farming. This product is certified by ECOCERT France SAS (FR-BIO-01).