Why use the Botani+ logo?

Plants to serve naturalness

Plants are increasingly promoted for their medicinal properties and take the place of honour in many products claiming to be Natural and health-giving.

In France, the vibrant market for food supplements is a compelling example: 64% of nutraceutical products sold in the country today contain at least one plant.*

But are the lights all really green?

Differences in product quality and significant risks of falsification can be found in all burgeoning markets.

In the plant domain in particular, the limited supply of the materials used makes these abuses all the more rife.

The natural resources are in high demand, sometimes leading to production shortages. This lack of availability can lead to falsifications or substitutions by other plants or plant parts.

There are great disparities in the plants used to make food supplements.

It all depends on their selection and original quality, and how they are transformed into extracts and presented in the finished product (capsules, tablets, bottles, etc.).

Thus, the efficacy and even the safety vary significantly from one product to another.

It is difficult or even impossible for consumers to assess this reality, since they only have the list of ingredients and health claims on the packaging to guide them.

The Botani+ logo

It is in this context that the Botani+ logo becomes very important: for all plant-based products (ingredients and finished products), it guarantees that mandatory phytochemical tests have been performed in specialised laboratories.

It is thus able to guide consumers towards healthy and effective products, manufactured by responsible brands.

The Botani+ logo explained in a video: